Bar Crudo. 655 Divisadero St. San Francisco

The Crudo Sampler is the best way to start, with its Artic Char dressed with
horseradish cream, wasabi tobiko and dill, sliced butterfish with suncrest peaches, pasilla peppers, and jamon serrano, cubes of yellowtail jack tuna with capers floating in a shishito aoili, and the sensational Ono with avocado, rhubarb and jalapeno relish. ‘Micro cilantro’ and ‘black lava salt’ add some pretension to an otherwise sturdy menu of hot and cold dishes.
The clam chowder is the richest, creamiest soup I’ve ever tasted in my life, and works well when shared in small portions. We ate the mussels which were tangy, and the Idaho red trout with its more subtle and delicate flavours.
The interior and service is unfussy, and the wine list (could do with more local choices) is short and sweet; all in all one of the best meals I’ve had on the west coast. Highly recommended.