Indigo. 4 Mandlik Road. Mumbai

Indigo has been the premier bar near the Taj Mahal for a few years now; achingly hip and always expensive.
Highlights are the Sour Apple Martinis, Gooseberry margaritas, polished teak furniture, the Black Lounge located on the first floor and a superb terrace leading to a cosy wooden-roofed lounge. Food varies from very good to transcendent; we liked the fenugreek and tamarind cumin chicken tikka, roasted mushrooms and feta phyllo wantons, sundried tomato and jalapeƱo phyllo rolls, chilli rosemary Tikka, and the emmental asparagus cigar rolls. Go in a big group and order more!




Starters and More. Cambata Bldg, MK Road.Churchgate. Mumbai

Sizzling dishes are a highlight here, but who knows how good it is these days as it’s been so long since we were last there. Try the Thai, and let us know how it’s doing at the moment…