Eateries and Drinkeries of the World

Even though I do a lot of eating and drinking at home, I revel in eating and drinking out.

Reviews are posted inconsistently, but with verve and gusto.


$ = Flytanic; Great value: under $15/€10 each with a glass of wine and sometimes even a dessert to share.

$$ = Sightanic; Good value: under $25/€20 each with a shared bottle and a dessert.

$$$ = Titanic; You won’t be coming here too often, but make sure it’s special as it could be up to $50/€30 per head.

$$$$ = Satanic; Get someone else to pay.

Please let me know of any places I should try out; concentrating mainly on the USA, Spain & England, but sometimes even Canada, France, Italy and Portugal; occasionally even Mumbai (Bombay to those who really love it) and Ho Chi Minh City, two cities I will continually return to, funds permitting.

Check out for Karina Varma’s excellent London reviews. She will always be regarded as the original inspiration for this blog.


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