Minca. 536 E 5th St, Lower Manhattan. NYC

It’s fantastically small and busy, and it’s not that cheap, but the ramen is exceptional. Excellent spicy miso ramen with pork was our favourite, but the basic ramens are also decent, allowing subtler flavours to come through. Noodle quality is superlative, but the magic is all in that broth and the slurp you give it.

Subway: 1st Ave/2nd Ave



Korilla BBQ. 23 3rd Ave. East Village. NYC

One of the best-known food trucks in NYC opens a Noho/East Village restaurant and Delusionaryculinary makes it there in the first month – what a coup!
Regulars of the mobile version say that this is just as good, if not better: with a choice of tofu, beef or chicken in rice or salad bowls or in burritos, and an array of different pickled veg, kimchis, sauces and seasonings, you can really customize your dish. They could offer more than cans of soft drinks in their beverage choices, but these are early days and things will no doubt change on that front. However, nothing costs more than $9, and service is warm and welcoming, with energy and action thrown in with the music and mayhem.

Subway: Astor Place