Chana. José Leal 767, Lince. Lima

Our first lunch in Lima, and it turned out to be one of the cheapest and tastiest set meals I’d ever ordered anywhere: a choice of three starters and ten mains was pitched just right, and our jug of Chicha, a rich grape juice similar to Vimto cordial, was generous.
We tried all three appetizers, and the ceviche was supreme, laced with extra garlic and tangy chilli that pushed against the boundaries of acceptable sharpness. The chupe and causa – a seafood chowder and a crab-filled yellow potato dumpling respectively – were both very tasty, the former a little thin and watery and the latter dense and filling.
For mains, the lomo saltado, a Chinese-style dish of fried beef strips with a pyramid of rice, and the tacu tacu, an African bean, rice and lentil mash, were hearty and comforting. At 12 soles a head ($4), this was the best value meal I’ve ever had; just a shame our waitress was perennially dazed and confused.

Lince District





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