Berlin Jazz Cafe. Calle de Jacometrezo, 4. Madrid

Jazz in the loosest sense of the word: This is a fun place with fun people, and great music too – DJ nights can be as good as live music nights. Drinks prices are reasonable (though gin’n’tonics are hardly poured with any enthusiasm) and its low entry charge and proximity to a few other clubs should make it easy to bar-hop, should you want a change of scene.

Metro Callao/Santo Domingo



Taboo. Calle de San Vicente Ferrer, 23. Madrid

There is only one club I’ve been to more than Taboo, and that’s the Scala in London’s Kings Cross. This is no testament to its greatness, but indicative of the ease and predictability of having a decently-priced, fun night out. The music is usually great too, with live percussionists and saxophonists playing over the house and electro beats, and occasional big names on the Spanish DMC and breakbeat scene. A best friend once took a two hour nap in the corner on the long bench-style seat, only to wake up unmolested and get straight back on the dancefloor. I once left a leather jacket in the same corner and never saw it again. Good times have greatly outnumbered the bad.

Metro Tribunal