HD Cafeteria. Calle de Guzmán ‘El Bueno’, 67. Madrid

We reckon these are the best burgers in Madrid. There are half a dozen varieties, from Japanese (wasabi mayo) to French (fancy cheese) styles. Meat, buns, pickles and salad are all of the highest quality and held in perfect balance; presentation is great too. Their fries are hearty and perfectly crisp on the outside whilst fluffy inside. They are certainly proud of their numerous gin’n’tonic combinations, but they have a decent selection of wines and beers too. Save space for dessert. Furni and lighting is warm and retro, and the space is well-suited to large groups as well as intimate couples. We love it here, and will keep on coming back.


Metro Islas Filipinas or Moncloa


Indigo. 4 Mandlik Road. Mumbai

Indigo has been the premier bar near the Taj Mahal for a few years now; achingly hip and always expensive.
Highlights are the Sour Apple Martinis, Gooseberry margaritas, polished teak furniture, the Black Lounge located on the first floor and a superb terrace leading to a cosy wooden-roofed lounge. Food varies from very good to transcendent; we liked the fenugreek and tamarind cumin chicken tikka, roasted mushrooms and feta phyllo wantons, sundried tomato and jalapeño phyllo rolls, chilli rosemary Tikka, and the emmental asparagus cigar rolls. Go in a big group and order more!