Preity Raj. Calle AveMaria

I hate the name of this place. It sounds like a misspelt abomination. The terraza is great though, with 15 tables on a patch of annexed street/pavement. During the 2010 world cup they stuck a TV in the window so no one missed any sun, and no one missed any footie either. Some samosas with your soccer, sir? Yes PLEASE.
Their menu del día is strictly no-frills, and the interior is a mishmash of colours and textures, of which nothing seems to fit. The annoying thing about passing this place on the way to Moharaj is the way the waiters attempt to intercept your plan and lure you to the competition, like ersatz sirens of the Odyssey.


Miranda. Calle Huertas, 29. Madrid

After three visits here over the course of three years, I can still confirm that standards are high, prices are reasonable and the clientele are classy. The colour scheme, furniture and size’n’shape of the room work well together and its corner spot on the pedestrian junction of bustling Huertas and trendy Leon is perfect.
The cecina here is wonderful, light and smoky, and the fusion-tapas are mostly all worth trying. Go in a big group, go on a date; just go.