About DelusionaryCulinary

Even though I do a lot of eating and drinking at home, I revel in eating and drinking out.

Reviews are posted inconsistently, but with verve and gusto.


$ = Flytanic; Great value: under €10 each with a glass of wine and sometimes even a dessert to share.

$$ = Sightanic; Good value: under €20 each with a shared bottle and a dessert.

$$$ = Titanic; You won’t be coming here too often, but make sure it’s special as it could be up to €30/head.

$$$$ = Satanic; Get someone else to pay.


Please let me know of any places I should try out. Concentrating mainly on Spain, but sometimes even England, the USA, Canada, France, Italy and Portugal. Occasionally even Mumbai (Bombay to those who really love it) and Ho Chi Minh City, two cities I will continually return to, funds permitting.